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Revenue Recognition

Accelerated Implementation done Right 

Your revenue Subledger embedded within Salesforce

Helping companies move from one-time product sales to solution selling, subscriptions, and usage-based pricing.

  • While Salesforce provides integrated CRM, CPQ, Subscriptions, Orders, Billings and Cash Collection, RightRev complements Salesforce with Automated Revenue Recognition for managing complex revenue accounting under ASC 606 and IFRS 15

  • RightRev seamlessly integrates with your sales and revenue accounting processes, offering a united platform for sales operations and revenue reporting across all products and services--from subscriptions, to one-time sales, services, training, promotions, and more


Plug & Play - No integration required

Manage Sales, Revenue, and Reporting Without Ever Leaving Salesforce

  • No need to take all your Quote-To-Cash transactions out of Salesforce to perform Revenue Recognition operations. RightRev works within the Salesforce platform and stores all revenue data in standard Salesforce entities to complement its Quote-To-Revenue automation.​

  • Reports and Dashboards: Users can drill down from RightRev revenue contracts to Orders, Invoices, Customer Accounts, Revenue Schedules and more all without ever leaving Salesforce.Also use standard Salesforce platform capabilities to build Dashboards and ad-hoc reports for your operational requirements

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  • Everything you need to be in compliance with the latest accounting standards and to automate your use cases. Rest assured the calculations are complete,... accurate, and auditable. 


  • Customizable rules, advanced revenue recognition protocols, and configurable dashboards to meet your company’s reporting needs


  • Calculate and account for revenue when different contract amendments happen. RightRev’s intelligent rules engine can handle the most common types of contract changes.


  • Calculate all the SSP values by analyzing historical transactions with the click of a button. RightRev’s configurable calculator allows you to slice and dice your data to arrive at your products’ SSPs

Why choose RightServ?

Is your complex revenue policies preventing you from automating your Revenue Recognition? Is your complex quoting and inaccurate pricing frustrating your sales team and customers? 

We can help you with your RightRev & Salesforce implementation to manage your Revenue, Billing and quotes faster, eliminate errors, and focus on growing your business.

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